How It Works
Step 1:
Finish Your Music
First, it's really important that you prepare your track for mastering. This means your track must:

- Be the best it's going to be . We master whatever final version you give us, so be sure it's right and finished
- Be saved as a single .wav. .aiff or .flac file. We don't need individual stems, we need the whole track
- Ideally be no louder than -3db and no quieter than -6db at the loudest point
- Have no compression, limiting or other 'loudness' effects on the master channel. That's our job!
Step 2:
Talk To Us
Next, you complete our contact form to start our collaboration. This just collects some details to get us talking

If you're happy to proceed, we'll link you to a little web form that gathers some more information about your requirements - don't worry, the form's nothing complicated and we're happy to field any questions
Step 3:
Make It Happen!
Then you'll upload your music to us via our WeTransferPro account and we'll invoice you via PayPal for the work

We'll quickly get to work creating a rich, dynamic master of your music, and when that's done we upload it so you can collect your professionally mastered music. We can usually turn around mastering jobs within a week of payment and will discuss timelines with you prior to payment.