Black & Red Mastering
No Gods, No Slaves, Just Masters

We are Black & Red Mastering
Your track is finished. It's a masterpiece! But when you compare it to the music you love, it sounds... 
flat, lifeless, one-dimensional 

That's where we come in

We take your original and apply the bright, punchy special sauce that makes it stand out from the crowd

We've paid our dues - whether that's 25-years releasing commercial music, playing to audiences of thousands or getting repeat national airplay on Radio1. Building on that expertise, we've been mastering music for commercial release for many years
Our Mastering Studio
Mastering is nothing without precision, and that starts with the equipment we use, like our Adam Audio A7X studio monitors, hand-built in Berlin 

We work with high-quality, fully licensed plugins to create industry-standard results with your mix

Our mastering studio is also fully acoustically treated to provide the perfect environment for focused listening and detailed mastering work
Our Ethos
We believe in fairness, independence and mutual aid. We're good guys, basically. We're not in this to be millionaires, and our prices reflect that. As long as we're making enough to survive, we're happy with that

So we're not chasing all the jobs under the sun and we don't  need to overcharge you for our work. If we like your message, we're happy to work with you: a fair price for fellow good guys. And if your work celebrates racism, homophobia, transphobia or any other shitty behaviour, find another mastering house. We don't want or need your work
"We use Black & Red for every release now. They consistently tease out each track's key elements, filling the sound right out.
Couldn't go anywhere else!"
"Wow, you've actually found things in these tracks I'd forgotten were there. Delighted with your work and will use again for sure."
"Expert mastering. Couldn't be happier."